Boosting Student Creativity

I follow the Education Technology and Mobile Learning Blog, one of the best resources for everything edtech on the web. And in one their recent articles I found this fantastic visual created by OpenIDEO, outsourced from an article published in Mindshift. In this article dedicated to inspiring kids’ creative confidence, there was a challenge posted to get people to “design fun, inspiring and new ways to help teenagers and young adults around the world preserve and nurture their own creative confidence. At a time when our world faces unprecedented challenges, how might we ensure that young people practice their creative confidence today so that they have a shot at becoming successful leaders tomorrow?”  In their new book Creative Confidence, brothers Tom Kelley and David Kelley “unpack what creative confidence is, why it’s important for innovation and what each of us can do to unleash our own creative potential.”

Creativity drives innovation – without creativity, we can’t design new ideas, tools or solutions to meet the challenges of today’s world.  The resounding theme in each article: If we nurture children’s creative confidence to drive innovation in their own work, their education, and their lives, then they have a chance of becoming successful leaders of tomorrow. Maybe this is how we (should) measure success?

Leigh Cassell

Busy Bees Blog

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