Uploading Video Using the Edublogs App

My class has not been able to upload even the shortest videos to our blogs using the Edublogs App. After receiving error message “413” I contacted Edublogs about the problem. They have received several emails about this issue and their tech team is looking into a solution.

This is the response I received from Edublogs:

We use an adapted version of the WordPress app. Some changes we can make on the server while other changes need to be made to the app. WordPress hasn’t necessarily worried too much about video because you can’t upload video to WordPress.com.

The video upload is working with really short videos but is timing out on slightly longer videos. Video upload worked on the older version of the the Edublogs app so our iOS developer is looking at the code to see if there are any adjustments we can make. We have a new version of the app that we are about to release; and if he is able to make any adjustments they will be added to this new release.


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