Classroom Management

Another question that seems to resurface during each meeting centres around classroom management. How do we integrate technology into our classroom programs to make learning more efficient and improve student outcomes when students are not 1-1? This has proven to be a challenging task for all teachers in our project group. It would be helpful if everyone could take a moment to share their classroom management strategies and tips for integrating iPads into their classrooms. Please reply directly to this post with your ideas!

Leigh Cassell

2 thoughts on “Classroom Management”

  1. It has been difficult sharing my 10 ipads with the 29 students in my class. I think that I started off using the ipads for too many things in the classroom all at the same time. I also found that breaking up the time between students was difficult since each assignment or activity took longer than I expected and therefore we had a lot of incomplete work and frustrated students.

    I have decided that I need to pick what the focus will be for the ipads during each blog. I have broken my students into three groups in order to rotate through who is using the ipad. During language, the ipads are being used to blog during these rotations while the other groups are completing different activities. During math we are focusing on using Explain Everything for problem solving. The rest of the day, we use them as much as possible for research, typing on Google Docs, and other activities.


  2. I completely agree that 10 is not enough to effectively work with a junior classroom. I am slowly scraping together (Blackberry Playbooks, laptops and classroom computers, kids’ personal ipods) to have enough for 1 device for 2. To have a true inquiry, self-directed environment, the device needs to be available for the student when they need it. I hate when learning is stopped because they can’t get access to the technology they need when they want it.


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