TLC Collaborative Meeting December 12th, 2013

I caught up with Vince at the end of the day and we talked about the ways in which we could keep some form of record of our meetings so we can continue these great conversations about learning. So we thought having a different teacher “take notes” at our next two meetings would help us better document this journey. I am happy to start things off . . .

I had originally thought that I would write one long post with different headings to highlight some of the topics we discussed yesterday. However, I think it makes more sense to start a different post for each topic. Then we can continue those conversations by replying directly to those posts.  My thinking is that this format will help us keep our ideas more organized. So, over the weekend I will be starting a few different posts to continue some of the great conversations we started yesterday.

On a different note, I want to sincerely thank all of you for sharing your ideas, asking questions, celebrating new learning, reflecting on your current practices, reliving frustrations, and delighting in those “aha” moments during our meetings and on our blog. For me, it’s very reassuring to know that others are riding this roller coaster of new learning and feeling the same way I am after experiencing so many highs and lows these last few months. One of the things I feel I don’t do enough is share the process that my students and I work through leading up to these polished final products that I share on our class blog and collaborative blog. I also don’t include the struggles I endured before achieving those moments of glory where everything falls into place and we achieve success. And failures? What about those? I don’t make it common practice to talk about the times when my lessons bomb or the technology doesn’t do what it was supposed to do – or what my kids and I wanted it to do.

So that was my “aha” moment yesterday. I believe it’s important that others see me fail, learn, and succeed.  At a conference I recently attended, Travis Allen, one of the keynote speakers shared his words of wisdom about how we, as teachers can change the world:

1.  Work hard. Fail a lot, but learn more.

2.  A love of learning leads to a life of significance.

3.  Lead the way.

When our passion and purpose are greater than our fears and excuses, we will find a way.  And we always do 🙂

Leigh Cassell




2 thoughts on “TLC Collaborative Meeting December 12th, 2013”

  1. Wow Leigh. I didn’t think you made mistakes! I’ve had as many failures as successes along the way, but I always share the problem and talk about how to resolve it with my class. I keep reminding them that it’s the process, not the product! They openly share their goofs too, and we work away at the problem together until it is resolved. They take so much more ownership for their own learning, and each others too. I expect that most of what I teach them from the curriculum will be obsolete by the time I graduate, but the ability to know how to think critically and problem solve effectively are skills that will last them a lifetime. I think I’ve become a better, deeper thinker, just by thinking about how to teach my class to think!


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