Theory of Practice

The students of focus all share the common need to improve in the depth, quality, and detail in their written responses in all aspects of their learning. One of the students is disengaged in school, unmotivated and a dreamer. He requires constant redirection. However he is very creative and loves to draw and use apps that allow for an expression of his creativity. The other four students are similar in need. They are all reluctant learners and do not take risks with their learning. They produce the bare minimum. They all have self-esteem issues. These four are also creative and enjoy expressing themselves through posters and art.

To meet their creative needs:

If students are able to choose a creative way to show their learning using a variety of apps to create products while also being supported using the accessibility features of the iPad  then the content and quality of their learning should improve and more accurately reflect their true ability.

To meet their writing needs:

If the students are able to share their learning with an authentic audience then they will begin to critically evaluate their writing, understand the importance of writing for their audience and as a result they will begin to write increasingly more detailed, descriptive and rich reflections


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