Tell Me About Your Apps!

I’m quite curious to find out more about the apps everyone has found for their students.  So far, I’ve only added Explain Everything, Math Bingo and a few copies of iMovie.  This seems to be plenty to keep us busy all day!  However, I just managed to get some extra iTunes money for my class.  This means I am now less limited, but more overwhelmed by the options!  I’d like your recommendations so I make quality choices.  Please share the following:

1) What apps do you use in your class?

2) What free apps have you downloaded?

3) What paid apps have you added?

5 thoughts on “Tell Me About Your Apps!”

  1. Besides Explain Everything and iMovie, I’ve added Edmodo (but I don’t think I’d use this with younger grades and repeats blog purpose), the Pearson Math App for the student e-text and I’m going to be adding the IXL math website app (a parent donated a year’s subscription to the class). I also have a copy of Educreations I like but haven’t used it much.


  2. We are using a number of different apps on grade 2. For our complete list check out our class blog The Apps We Use are listed in the left-hand sidebar widget. All of those apps are free, with the exception of Phoetic (create photo word clouds), Print Central (allows you to print wirelessly from the iPad to any printer in your school), iMovie, and Explain Everything. My grade 2’s will be evaluating some math apps in the New Year to make sure they align with our 4C’s and a P! I have written about each of the paid apps listed above on our Collaborative Blog if you’d like to learn more about how these apps are being used in primary to improve student outcomes.


  3. I have downloaded very few apps to the iPads, mainly just essential apps at this point. The apps include Explain Everything, Dragon Dictate, Pic Collage, Nearpod, and Mathletics
    Dragon Dictate is much like Dragon Naturally speaking only no voice training is required. This is my solution to not having the mic feature on these iPads. It is a free app.
    Nearpod is a multimedia app that teachers can use to teach students about a variety of topics. Students open the Nearpod app and sign in according to teacher instructions. Then all students have their own personal lesson that is created and controlled by the classroom teacher. I have not used this free app yet but plan to create a lesson over the break and give it a try. Here is a link to their website and video explaining how it works,
    The Mathletics is for a paid program my students are using for a portion of their Math Program. The app allows them to access many of the math activities from the iPads.


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