TLC-4 C’s and a P

I am going to three step approach to frame my question about student outcomes…


1.  My first two marker students are A and B.   They are very bright, possibly gifted.    They both learn the grade three concepts quickly and finish their work in all areas independently and accurately.  They need enrichment in the areas of problem solving, creativity, critical thinking and communication.

2.  Focus on student outcomes- to support their need to enrich their problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and communication by introducing the students to a variety of creative and critical thinking apps on the IPad through the inquiry process.

3. IPads can be utilized in this process when the two students use presentation apps (educreations, I movie, explain everything) to make their thinking visible.  They have begun to blog to show their thinking in reading but this needs to be extended into other subject areas.

If A and B engage in Ipad application that engage their problem solving, creativity, and critical thinking skills then their interest, engagement, their ability to show their thinking in the grade three program (and above) and technology will increase.


2.  My second marker students are C and D.  They have focus issues, fine motor problem. collaboration problems and they need adult support to get their work completed. Their ability to communicate orally and in written form is limited.

2.  Focus on students outcomes-to support their need to communicate in oral and written form using technology.  As well, they need to work on problem solving and  collaborating with their peers.

3.  Ipads can be utilized to communicate their thinking through blogging (presently I am using Kidblog), explain everything, Imovie and dragon dictate. When blogging, the students can show their peers, teachers, parents their learning and thinking about inquiry and problem solving in language and mathematics.


If C and D work together on a variety of creative apps (Imovie, Explain Everything and Educreations) in math and language then their ability to collaborate, problem solving and communicate in an appropriate grade three manner will improve.  As well, their interest in presenting their work will also increase.



1.  My final marker student is E.  Ehas behavior and learning needs as he has difficulty focusing in class ( ADHD) and anger management problems.  He has hand eye co-ordination difficulties in class as he has difficulty with paper and pencil tasks.

2. Focus on student outcomes-to support his need to communicate and collaborate in class.

3.  Ipads can be utilized to communicate his thinking in mathematics and writing.  The Ipads are intrinsically motivating for this student. and he will work on the Ipad to complete his tasks.

If E uses the appropriate apps on the the Ipad (Dragon Dicate, Educreations, Explain Everything and Imovie)  that correspond to his learning then he will be able to show his thinking in a way other than paper and pencil tasks.


Common needs among students



-problem solving



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