My Padlet Wall

Hey everyone.

On Monday I was asked to present a short bit about how I use the iPads in my classroom (specifically the Explain Everything App for math problem solving) to my school’s Junior/Intermediate PLC.

To make the presentation go easier, I created this Padlet Wall for the J/I teachers to view during  and after the presentation with some of my students examples and other technology ideas.  Here is the link to the Padlet Wall if anyone is interested or has to do a similar presentation at their schools.

2 thoughts on “My Padlet Wall”

  1. What a great presentation! I’m going to make one for myself now. I’ve asked for a chance to share, but haven’t been given a time yet. Do any of the other classes in your school have blogs? Our Grade 3 class started using kidblog along with me before we got our Edublog account.


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