Up Up and Air-way!

In Science we have been asking a lot of questions about air. Mrs. Cassell asked us to pick one question each from our Air and Water “I Wonder” wall to research. Then we used Pic Collage to create a KWL poster showing what we know, and what we want to know about our air question. Mrs. Cassell has been teaching us how to do research using the internet. We are learning how to search using Google. Here are a few important things we learned so far about searching the internet:

1. After you type in the most important words you want to search, type the word “kids”.  That will help us find information that is meant for us.

2. When all of the websites come up for your search, you need to look at the http:// address underneath the website. Visiting websites that end in .org are more reliable (that means you can count of those site to be true)

3. If you accidentally visit a website that you know is “bad”, let Mrs. Cassell know right away!

4. When you want to search for pictures using Google first click on “I mages” in the top menu. then type in the most important words. Don’t forget the word “kids” at the end! (We love exclamation marks!!!)

After looking at a few different websites, we chose PebbleGo. PebbleGo was the best website because it has words, pictures, videos, and links. What we liked best was that you could have the text read to you.

We tried to use PebbleGo on the iPad but it didn’t work. So we headed off to the computer lab.

We did our research using PebbleGo and we all found answers to our questions. Then we went back to class. We partnered up with our iPads and made our very first videos to tell about what we learned.

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