Skittle Math

Math is fun when we get to count Skittles! This week we showed off our smarts by estimating, counting, sorting, adding, subtracting, and patterning with our Skittles.

First, we took a quick peek in our brown paper bags and then estimated how many Skittles we thought were in the bag.

Next, we counted our Skittles. Some friends lined them up and counted by 1’s. Some friends put them into groups of 2 and counted by 2’s.  Josh put his Skittles in groups of 5. We talked about the most efficient (that means the best and fastest) way to count and we agreed that 5’s and then 2’s would be the fastest.

Then, we wrote down the total number of Skittles. Our next activity was to show our number in 4 different ways.  We had lots of good ideas. We used base ten blocks, counters, tally marks, number words, and even money! After we sorted our Skittles into groups based on their colours we counted the number of Skittles in each colour group making a tally chart.

Finally, we got to make patterns using our Skittles. Some of the patterns we made were:


Can you make patterns like these? Check out the videos of us learning!

Mrs. Cassell and the Busy Bees

2 thoughts on “Skittle Math”

  1. Learning Math wtih Skittles. How cool it that? I love estimating, counting, sorting, and making aptterns with them but most of all I like eating them.

    Well done boys and girls.

    Mr. Bennett


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