Be Phoetic!

In the last 2 weeks my grade 2 class has had 3 exciting video conferences. First we met with Sheila Glazov to learn all about our Brain Colours (Language). Next we connected with the Texas Wildlife Association to learn all about turkeys and American Thanksgiving. We had lots of questions about Canadians and Americans celebrate Thanksgiving at different times of the year. Finally on Friday we Skyped with Michael Furdyk, Co-founder and Director of Innovation at TakingITGlobal. We learned how treading lightly can help polar bears, their sea ice habitat, and the planet if we minimize our impact on the environment. 

Be Phoetic!

Phoetic is an app that allows you to take any image, and turn it into a work of art using the words, font, and colours you choose.

1.  What Colour is Your Brain? – Following our video conference, “What Colour is Your Brain” with Sheila Glazov, I asked the students to share their praiseworthy gifts (what they appreciate most about themselves) using the app Phoetic. Can you believe these creative kids are in grade 2???

Over the last few weeks we have found several opportunities to use Phoetic as a means to share our learning.

2.  Calling All Turkeys! – On November 28th our grade 2 class video conferenced with the Texas Wildlife Association to learn all about turkeys. Part of our learning included a discussion comparing American Thanksgiving and Canadian Thanksgiving using Venn diagrams.  Next the kids used the app Phoetic to share what they learned about turkeys.
photo 3photo 4

3.  Tread Lightly:  With polar bears roaming outside, scientists answered students’ questions about global impacts of climate change and actions we can all take to reduce our impact on the planet. We also had the privilege of a follow-up video conference with Michael Furdyk, Co-Founder and Director of Innovation at TakingITGlobal. Michael was in Buggy One in the Arctic Tundra, where TakingITGlobal was co-hosting a series of live Tundra Connections webcasts last week with Polar Bears International.  
When I asked the kids what they wanted to create to share their learning they wanted to use the app Phoetic. We decided that the picture and our words should tell about the way we want to reduce our impact on the planet. We will be finishing our Phoetic art next week.
TakingITGlobal – Tread Lightly (Student + Action focus):
Exploring Ecosystems around the world (Educator focus):
Recording from the Polar Bear live cam:

2 thoughts on “Be Phoetic!”

  1. Wow! The Phoetic app is something I’m going to have to look into. What a neat way to display studentideas. You always have such great links to share too. I don’t teach my own Science or SS this year, and I’m missing the fun of the animal unit 😦


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