What Colour is Your Brain?

Sheila Glazov, internationally acclaimed personality expert, professional speaker, award-winning author, educator, and Digital Human Library member, shared her program “What Colour is Your Brain” via video conference with our grade 2 class, and Mrs. Regier’s grade 2 class from Seaforth PS, on November 24th, 2013.  Here is are some videos we took using an iPad:

We sure learned a lot about our Brain Colours!

1. We each have different brain colours.

2. There is no best brain colour.

3. We learned we each have praiseworthy gifts. These are the things we like about ourselves.

4. Brain Colour is about accepting each other because we are different. Different is good. We need to appreciate each other more.

5. When you are feeling bright you are happy.

6. When you are feeling shadowed you don’t feel like yourself. You feel sad and angry sometimes. People who feel shadowed all the time can act like bullies. Each shadowed brain colour has a different bully.

7. We need to stick up for each other when there is a bully. If everyone helps then no one gets bullied.

8. Brain Colours are fun!

9. Dressing up your brain colour feels awesome!

10. Sheila was so smart and friendly and we are happy she came to talk to us! Thank you Sheila. We hope you read our blog.


Mrs. Cassell’s Busy Bees


Bright and Shadowed

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