Video Compressing Apps Review

Hey everyone!

After reading Jen’s post about using YouTube for videos, I thought I would look into video compressing apps. I would like my students to be able to create videos of themselves to share thinking but to load them directly to edublogs. The edublog and wordpress app can only upload up to 32 MB files.

There were two apps that kept popping up, Compressor and Video Slimmer. So I used a video from September of my students building their stamina during Daily 5 to test each one out. This original video was 159.7 MB.

Compress App. $0. Compressed video: 12.14 MB.

Your browser does not support the video tag

Video Slimmer App. $2.99. Compressed video: 11.67 MB.

Your browser does not support the video tag

After watching both videos, I think the Video Slimmer App does provide a little bit better quality. But not enough to be worth the $2.99. Both apps are also pretty easy to use, so not a big difference in that way.

What does everyone think?


The Compressor App Icon looks like this:


After opening Compressor, this is a screen shot:


You select which % you would like, select your video from camera roll, and then it compresses the selected video and resaves it into your camera roll as a new but smaller video file. Then you can post this smaller video through EduBlogs. No need to upload to youtube!

Hope that answers your question! 🙂

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