5 target students, 4C’s and 1P

The Avon-Maitland Strategic Plan 2012-2016 states:  ”If we help our students gain competency in the following areas: collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving, then our students will develop and value the required skills to participate in a global economy.”  This resonates with my own philosophy on teaching and learning, so this year my goal is to meaningfully integrate 4Cs and a P into my daily practice of teaching Grade 2.

Early in the school year, I selected 5 students to focus on as part of a Grade 2 literacy PLC I am a part of.  I always have a hard time making the decision.  There are 17 students in my class, and I want to target all of them!  As I thought about our TLC and my own goal for the year, I decided that I want to track the same group of children as my target for this project. Based on the progress my students and I have made so far, I hope that:

IF I continue to learn strategies for how to guide my developing readers using 21st century tools and technology… THEN my students will be more successful in attaining the benchmark level for their grade in language AND they will understand the language of the 4Cs and Ps, and have the skills to use them in an age-appropriate way.

For my own self?  I think that IF I support my students in this way, THEN I will grow in my understanding of  both technology and of the 4Cs and a P competencies, and will be able to use them in a proficient and professional way.

Here is the bulletin board I’m working on.  If you are reading this on an iPad, you might not be able to see it.  I’m still learning how to show pictures!

Anyhow, for those who can view it, I hope to update what is displayed under each pink heading frequently – whenever  students identify that their learning reflects collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity or problem solving.

How about you?  What are your If/Then Statements?

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