Creating Texture in Art

On Friday our class was exploring texture during art. Mrs. Cassell gave us a whole bunch of objects to use that would create different textures when we dipped them in paint.  Mrs. Cassell asked us to think about our favourite place and share that place with a partner. Our next activity was to create a textured picture of that place using paint and the different objects on our desk.

Some of us made the connection between creating a textured picture of a place and learning about different “settings” in literacy. Right now we are learning how to write memoirs. You start your memoir by telling your audience where your story takes place – that is called a setting.  Here we are creating our textured settings!


One thought on “Creating Texture in Art”

  1. Hello Boys and Girls
    What an interesting art class on Friday. Learning about texture in art and setting in literature. I can’t wait to see in your paintings and read some of your memoires.

    See you soon. Mr. Bennett
    P.S. I love reading your Busy Bees class blog!


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