What Does it Mean to be Stubborn?

Today the grade 2’s were working with the grade 2/3’s in Mrs. Rempel’s class. We read a book called Another Mother by Jill Eggleton.

Here is what we learned:

1. The baby Emu decided to leave his mother because he thought she was scary so he ran away to find another mother. He met a fox and a snake.

2. He was scared by the fox and the snake because they were going to eat him. Then we went back to his mother.

3. The Emu chick was stubborn because he was doing what he wanted to do. He was only listening to himself. He didn’t listen to his mother.

4. We decided it is not good to be stubborn when you don’t listen to other people. In the the Emu chick almost got eaten by the fox and snake. He put himself in danger.

5. It’s not good to be stubborn in school because you could get in trouble and miss out on fun learning.

6. It’s not good to stubborn when you are in a restaurant, store, playground, funeral,

7. Is there a good time or place to be stubborn? Yes!

– when you are standing up for yourself

– when you stand up for others

– when you are bullied

– say no to bullying

– when something happens to you that isn’t fair (like someone taking something of yours)

– when you show courage; you have to be brave to do things on your own

Let’s talk about Courage (our Character Attribute for November)

It takes courage to stand up for yourself and others. The Emu showed courage in the story by leaving his mother and going out into the wild on his own because he thought was the right thing to do. But we know that wasn’t the right thing to do because he put himself in danger.

So we learned that it is good to show courage to help others and do things you want to do ONLY when it is safe. You should always share your ideas with others first before you make a decision.

All of these AMAZING ideas were shared by:

Keenan, Josh, Cathy, Justina, Makayla, Devon, Montanna, Will, Stephen, Garrett, Mason, Kurt, AJ, Quentin, Aidan, Aiveen, Mackenzie, Miya, Emma, Alexis, Michael, Justin, Denver, Gracie, Madison, Caleb, Preston, Brody, & Michael B

Grade 2 & Grade 2/3

One thought on “What Does it Mean to be Stubborn?”

  1. I was thinking more about our connection that we made to Dr. Seuss’s book. Are You My Mother? I think that the baby bird was not really being stubborn when he was looking for his mother because no one was telling him that he should stop like when the bees and the squawking birds told the baby emu that “it’s not your mother”. Maybe, the baby bird in Dr. Seuss’s story was showing perseverance because he really needed to find his mother. I think being stubborn and persevering are different.


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