How to Embed a Video on Your Blog from Youtube Using a Computer

Video files that exceed 50MB cannot be uploaded directly from your device to your blog. You must upload the video to YouTube first, then embed the YouTube video in a blog post, page or widget.

If the video was taken on your iPad:

Open Photos > Select the video you want to upload to YouTube > Click the share button (box with arrow) > Choose YouTube > Complete the required fields > Upload. Once your video has been uploaded, follow the instructions below to embed the video in a blog post or page.

1.  Open a new post in your blog and in a new tab open up your YouTube account.

2.  In YouTube, on the left hand side choose “My Channel”

3.  Click on the video you want to embed.

4.  Scroll down below the video and click on “share” and then click on “embed” and copy the embed code.

5.  Go back to the open blog post, click on Text – top right hand corner of the post box – and click in the box where you want to paste the video (You are now working in html – code)

6.  Paste the embed code the box.

7.  To make sure your video is there, Save Draft andPreview  changes.  This will take you to your site and you will see your video with a play button in middle.

Please Note:  In your YouTube account settings, the video needs to be “unlisted” in order for outside sources to access it on your blog and in order to maintain a layer of privacy for students.

Any questions, feel free to comment!

11 thoughts on “How to Embed a Video on Your Blog from Youtube Using a Computer”

  1. Thanks Jenn!

    Here’s is another tidbit about using your youtube account:

    If you have your google ed account for youtube logged in all the time, it will remember what videos you have watched when you click “History”.

    If you accidentally leave it logged in and watch a video in your personal time, that video will remain in your google ed account history. If this happens, the kids could technically click on history and view any video that you have viewed when logged in under that account.

    So.. just remember to log out of your google ed account on your personal iPad/Computer. 🙂


  2. I haven’t made a youtube account yet…and my students haven’t been able to post videos yet either. I’m guessing that setting up the account is pretty straightforward, but does this mean you always have to be logged in for them to do this? I wonder if there is another way


  3. I went to I used my google ed account login information that I have set up with the board. That was it. Do you have a google ed account? Let me know if you have any more problems.


  4. I am wondering about privacy issues. I don’t know why this is bothering me, because I want to post the videos on the blogs, but I feel like it is not ok to have videos on Youtube. Can someone talk me through this?


  5. I’ve just recently discovered that there is an ad that appears after a YouTube video plays on our blog. The ads are not inappropriate exactly, but they are not consistent with the message of our blog. Does anyone know a way around this?


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