Framing Our Questions

I have attached an outline to help guide us in our thinking around student needs and making connections to a question that can personally guide your work and reflections in this project. We will refer to this in our work today and in future sessions.November 12_TLC

2 thoughts on “Framing Our Questions”

  1. I decided to focus on “Creativity”.

    If / Then Statement:
    If students are given opportunities to access a variety of forms and tools during their inquiry processes, then student engagement levels will be maximized which will allow students to embrace their learning style and creatively demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways.


  2. I decided to focus on “Critical Thinking”.

    IF I model critical thinking and self reflection skills with students THEN students will apply these skills to their own learning and improve student achievement in reading to having 16 of 19 students reading by mid-Grade level by March Break (Level D/E). (Currently have 13 students reading at B or below).


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