Let the Conversation Begin

November 5th, 2013

Yesterday we re-visited our Inquiry Board and answered some of the questions we had posted:


We began by reviewing the question about our audience. Who are we writing for when we post on our blogs?




Next we talked about why our audience would want to read our blog.  Here are the ideas the students came up with:


In order to answer the next 2 questions, How do we write a post? and What makes a “wow” post?, we decided it would be a good idea to re-read one of our blog posts, as well as read the latest post written by Mrs. Regier’s class. As we read each post the kids recorded what they liked about each blog post. We took pictures of our idea boards with the iPads.

Finally, we created our anchor chart including all of the big ideas from today’s activity. (See below)

November 6th, 2013

Today we focused on writing a “wow”comment in response to a post on Mrs. Regier’s blog.  We began by re-reading her last class post. To help us brainstorm our ideas we used Padlet to make notes about the kinds of things that should be included in a “wow” comment, and we shared them with one another on the iPads and on the SMARTBoard.

photo.JPG     photo.JPG

As we were brainstorming all the things we wanted to tell Mrs. Regier’s class about their blog, we realized that a “wow” comment has a lot of things in common with a “wow” post.  Some of the kids thought it would be a good idea to compare a “wow” post and a “wow” comment. So we did!

How to Write a Wow Post and Comment

One of the big ideas that evolved from today’s lesson was the importance of asking questions when you write a post, and when you write a comment. When you ask questions you give your audience a reason to want to write back. Many students made the connection between blogging and having a conversation. We talked about blogging as a way to start a conversation with someone online. And if we want to keep the conversation going, we need to communicate our thinking, as well as ask and answer questions.

4c’s and a P!


Leigh Cassell




One thought on “Let the Conversation Begin”

  1. We have not yet created success criteria or a checklist yet on “Wow” Blog posts. It is on my to do list though once my Grade 1’s get used to logging in and creating a new blog post!


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