Setting up iPads

I am having some trouble setting iPad URL up using edublog app. Here are the steps I’ve taken,

1.  added a new edublogs campus site which I put under my classroom blog URL (

2. username = jennregi  and password (mine) which I put in.

Mrs. Regier’s Think Tank shows up which is great!

3.  Then I went to settings (bottom) and tried to do Sign IN for student:  eg.  bailsjr with password and I get message sign in failed.  (I know their passwords work because we have used them in computer lab)

I have students assigned to certain iPads so I then tried to add their blog and username/password and it defaults back to mine/doesn’t work.  What URL are you guys using for your students? (maybe I am using the wrong one???)

How are teachers having the kids access their blog through the iPad? I can have them go under mine, go to my sites, and scroll down to access their blog. However, they then have access to the classroom blog and can edit posts which I’m not comfortable with. How have other people set theirs up? I’ve used the iPad help button and it shows a screen shot managing multiple sites so I know it must be possible! Help!!  This is getting very frustrating.  Does someone have a step by step they used that is willing to share?

3 thoughts on “Setting up iPads”

  1. Have you enabled mobile publishing?

    Under all your student blogs:
    Check the box: enable the XML-RPC publishing protocols.

    Hopefully that works!


  2. They worked for me this morning!

    Before I was having them put in our classroom blog url I.e. Instead they need to out in their personal blog URL I.e.



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