Sock it to Me!

In math we have been learning about attributes. An attribute is a characteristic we use to describe something. Our class has been describing the attributes of socks. We thought of different headings to help us talk about our sock attributes: colour, size, texture, thickness, pattern, logo, length, and shape.

photo 1.JPG

Then we played a game where everyone put Mrs. Cassell’s socks on their hands. We took turns calling out attributes. If you were wearing a sock with that attribute you raised your hand.

photo 3.JPG     photo 4.JPG

Finally we each choose our favourite sock. We drew a picture of our sock and wrote down as many attributes as we could.

photo 1.JPG     photo 2.JPG

photo 3.JPG     photo 4.JPG

Math is fun!


One thought on “Sock it to Me!”

  1. Hello Boys and girls. I miss you all very much and I am hoping to come back to school soon. In the mean time, it is great to read in your blog about exciting things you are learning with each other and with Mrs. Cassell. Who would have thought you could learn about attributes in math using socks! And The Day of the Dead was cool and Creepy crawly Animals looked fun too. I wish I could have been there too! See you all soon. Mr. Bennett


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