Question and Some Sharing


This week I tried to insert a gallery of photos that I wanted in a certain section of my blog.  I had 2 other photos that were inserted as well earlier in the blog.  When I want to insert a gallery of specific photos, does anyone know if there is a way to select certain photos from the gallery but not all of the them?

Is there a way parents can be automatically informed if our blog has been updated?  So far, I have just been going into FC and sending them the link.  It would be great if there was a way to subscribe (similar to Leigh’s email about this blog).

A Few Things I’ve Recognized that My Students Have Now Learned Since Using Edublogs…

I realized this week that although the process for setting up an edublog account for a seven year old is gruelling…the process itself has led to some important learning for these little ones.  It’s all in the process and not always the product…right????  When I started thinking about the learning they have learning they have acquired in a few short weeks…I was motivated and even more inspired to dive into this project of ours.

Here are some things that my students now know how to do…

1.  We know how to navigate the computer to find a specific website.

2.  We know how to use a username and address (we also know that adding/substituting/deleting a letter in the username or password makes it a different password = it doesn’t work!!! :))

3.  We learned how to use google images to search for a picture.

4.  We learned how to save a picture from the Internet into our H: drive

5.  We know where to look when we want to find/insert a picture and resize it

A Tip If You Haven’t Uploaded Your Avatar

1.  When uploading the avatar, do not let the kids open the picture to enlarge it.  Edublogs has issues uploading a larger file.  It needs to be the

2.  Do not save the picture to the desktop, save it to the child’s H: drive because each time a computer is shut down, the computer lab is set up to wipe the slate clean (hence, no more picture on desktop).  If the student needs to find the picture again, they will need search for the image online again.

A Valuable Link

Here is a link I found that helps to identify the steps we need to take when teaching kids how to comment on a blog.  There are some great videos that we could show to the kids about creating a good comment.  Very kid friendly and informative.

Does anyone else have anything to share in this area?  I would love some more ideas.

2 thoughts on “Question and Some Sharing”

  1. Yes Jenn, it is the process, not the product! I can’t answer most of your questions, but I have a fun idea to teach kids effective commentin. Do ‘paper blogs’ first, and let them walk around the classroom with a pencil and write comments to each other. A couple of blogs will likely have decent posts, and these will quickly become the most popular ones; and you can use these to create success criteria for commenting on real blogs


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