Always Learning

I read a lot about 21st century learning this summer.  I’m still not sure how to best define the concept, but I think that the AMDSB  “4Cs and a P” priorities are a great place to start.  The 4Cs and a P  (Creativity and Innovation,  Communication, Collaboration,  Critical Thinking  and  Problem Solving) are all about engagement, inspiration and innovation.

This year I’m excited to “engage, inspire and innovate” in my Grade 2  by introducting  digital portfolios.  This is something that is brand new for me as an educator, and I’m quite excited.  I expect this initiative is going to require lots of problem solving and critical thinking as I creatively collaborate  with my class to communicate  learning in a new way.  (I just used the 4Cs and a P in one sentence!)  We’ve already experimented with kidblog here: In the next few weeks we will make the transition to edublog.

I’m not sure if the teacher or the students in my classroom will learn more this year, and I plan on learning  them a LOT.

Always Learning: Becky Versteeg


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