What’s New?!

I’ve been busy!

Here’s the scoop on who, and what’s new with the dHL.

Most recently the Art Gallery of Ontario agreed to join the dHL offering an incredible range of art programs, tours, and art history lessons for students of all ages.  Check the dHL website for the AGO’s fall program schedule coming soon!

In August I discussed membership with the Ontario Science Centre, Toronto Zoo, and Granby Zoo (offering programs in French and English).  These organizations are currently working on their new fall educational programs as well, and they will be available to teachers and students in the next month or so.

The Digital Human Library has also had several new community members register including an optometrist, chef,  graphic designer, and children’s author to name a few.  Please visit http://digitalhumanlibrary.com and register today to view the full library of members available to teachers this fall!

So what’s next?  Well, in addition to meeting new community members daily whom I hope to inspire to join the dHL, I have also been working with Parks Canada http://www.pc.gc.ca/.  My goal is to secure membership from a representative at each National Park and Historic Site in Canada!  Imagine the possibilities . . .

Stay tuned!

Leigh Cassell
Elementary Teacher, AMDSB
Founder of the Digital Human Library

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