The dHL Celebrates 100 MEMBERS!

It’s hard to believe that only a year ago the Digital Human Library was just an idea – an idea that has now evolved into a resource for teachers that could have a huge impact on the way teachers and students interact with the curriculum.  The dHL celebrates 100 members!

Each day I connect with new and exciting people who are interested in getting involved.  Just yesterday  I introduced myself to the Vancouver Aquarium, the Royal Ontario Museum, and The Memory Project (connecting veterans, serving soldiers, and students across the country)  Fingers crossed!

Teachers – next year your students could take a virtual field trip under water at the Vancouver Aquarium. But wait – it get’s even better . . .  After your virtual deep sea dive you visit their website and experience their many activities, stunning galleries, and online exhibits.  Still want more?!  Your students now want to get involved in conservation – and everything you need is right at your fingertips – the information and access to the experts!  With the Digital Human Library the possibilities are endless.

So, you’re not a teacher. Now you might be saying to yourself, where do I fit it?  I’m not a big organization with all those bells and whistles.  Lots of people do what I do.  The kids wouldn’t find me interesting. 
I’m just one person.

Well, here’s the scoop.  YOU are one person and it only takes ONE PERSON to make a difference.  You may do the same job as a lot of other people, but you don’t do your jobs the same way.  Your past experiences have helped shape the person you are today – why not share those experiences with our students?  This is your chance to give back, not just to your community, but to the global community.

Just think about it . . .

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