So, what have you missed?

It’s been a while since my last post, but I’ve been a busy mom with my new baby.  Now that the dust has settled, I’m back to work on the Digital Human Library Project.  So, what have you missed these past two months . . . ?

1)  Well, the Ministry of Education decided not fund my grant proposal.  The Ministry’s feedback was that the Digital Human Library needs to prove itself as a sustainable resource before they would consider funding.  So, I am now actively seeking grants from other organizations and corporations to help fund the development and maintenance of the database.  Alternatively, I am looking for a computer programmer who would be willing to build the dHL database free of charge.  I will reapply to the Ministry in the future, but for now I still searching.

2) All AMDSB elementary schools received a webcam to be used with the dHL.  Thank you to Mornington Communications Company for purchasing the webcams!  And thank you to the Foundation for Enriching Education for distributing the webcams to all AMDSB elementary schools.

3)  I submitted a grant proposal to Ginny Dybenko, the Director of the University of Waterloo in Stratford.  She is very interested in my project and has kindly offered her support by providing me with contacts at the University.  Paul Doherty is one of these contacts, and he has offered to help find a computer programmer (student or university alumni) to build the dHL database.  Paul Doherty is also looking into possible grants I might be eligible to apply for in the upcoming months. Fingers crossed!

3)  I have applied for a grant from the OLA (Ontario Library Assoc), and I am working with Sam Coughlan and Anne-Marie Heckman at the Stratford Public Library to add their incredible collection of Human Library contacts to the Digital Human Library list of participants.

4) On April 11th I was awarded a AMDSB Key Contribution Award by the Board of Trustees.  I was nominated for improving student achievement in all areas of students learning, with a focus on literacy and numeracy. Check out the link for the video presented during the awards ceremony.

5)  On April 26th I met with my dHL project team to discuss how we are going to continue our search for dHL participants.  Thank you to Jeremy Brock and Sue deWinter for attending.  You support and commitment to the Digital Human Library Project is appreciated.

6)  Tonight I will be presenting at the Ignite Parents event in Stratford at the Arden Park Hotel.  Doors open at 6:30PM.  This will be an exciting evening of five minute high energy presentations in the field of education. There is no admission fee and the first 200 to attend receive a free gift bag!  Cash bar and complimentary food treats.
I will be posting a copy of my narrated slideshow presentation so stay tuned!

Well, that’s it for now.  Follow me on Twitter @dhumanlibrary to stay informed or check my blog each week for regular updates.

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