Biltmore Who’s Who in North American Education

I recently found out that my biography will be published in Biltmore Who’s Who in North American Education.  WWNAE provides its members access to industry leaders from around the world creating a network of distinguished executives and professionals with notable achievements. 
So, what does this mean for the development of the Digital Human Library? 
Access to this biographical database of Biltmore’s 85,000 members means that I will be able to contact leaders from a variety of professional and academic backgrounds who are interested in supporting projects designed to improve student learning and further their academic success.  In other words, I now have access to professionals around the world who might be interested in becoming participants in the dHL.  A sample list of some of these professionals work in the following industries:  aviation, children services, construction/ demolition, entertainment, environmental education, fine arts, food service, firefighting, government, healthcare, law/ law enforcement, marketing, martial arts, music, sales and marketing, strategic and defense studies, telecommunications . . . etc.

The possibilities are endless!

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